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Digital Factory Labs

We strongly believe that transformation occurs as a result of what we observe and take note of rather than what we think we know. To this end, we have established our Digital Factory Labs, which is an innovative centre where we foster ideas that come from real-world observations.


The aim of this space is to act as a creative incubator for designing and perfecting technology and data-driven solutions that can tackle complex challenges.

Project Cafe Ride

Digital Factory's most active lab focuses on the bicycling community, which has been a long-standing passion of the founders. We want to enhance the riding experience while embracing an environmental theme of maintenance and repair before replacement. 

The ideas and the application have been tested at the intersection of cycling and technology, with ML (machine learning) and supervised learning models as core components. 


We call it “Community Intelligence,” a platform to enhance the cycling experience. 

Many more details to follow.  The application has been validated with our target market (cyclists, bicycle shops and manufacturers) and is now in development.

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