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About Us

Digital Factories Solutions was founded by two like-minded professionals who combined their extensive international experience in the IT solutioning community. The team has expanded to include more like-minded members with skills that broaden our collective strength as a company.

Our Values

At Digital Factories, we live by certain values every day. They aren't just painted on a wall or in our annual report; we actually live them even when no one is watching. 


We are constantly looking for opportunities for technology and business to align to drive value.


Long-term quality solutions.  As technology is changing every day, we strive to look again so our solutions leverage technology directions 


This is a cornerstone of our business and our core belief system. We will say no to opportunities that don't make us feel good about ourselves.


We believe that everyone has the capacity to teach us something. Teamwork and collaboration are what drives us.


Service is not just a catchphrase for us, but a constant focus is on our client interaction ecosystem.

Build a better future

We focus on opportunities that can make a difference to tomorrow and help build a better future.

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